Recipes Old

This is a collection of recipes that have been developed and tested with
My Perfect Cookie.
They are easy to make and they produce doughs that shape well and release easily from the storage tube.  
These cookies are delicious!
More cookie recipes are being tested and will be added here in the future.
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Gilded Birthday Cake

This is our signature cookie.
Confetti + Gold = Celebration!

Crispy Chocolate Chip

This is a classic but in 
My Perfect Cookie style


This one is amazing...
whether you're crazy about ginger
or not. It is crispy, crunchy
and chewy.


Making cookies with your favourite childhood cereal...
will make them a breakfast food?


Sweet & Salty

Yes, you're seeing this right.
These are Maple Bacon Cookies and Potato Chip Cookies
Both sweet and salty cravings
are covered. 


This recipe is inspired by the bakery, Bien Cuit, in Brooklyn.
The buckwheat adds a nuttier flavour and texture.
These cookies are gluten-free.

Year "Round" Fruitcake

Not to be limited to the Christmas season.
Named "Year Round" to make anytime...


The classic French butter cookie.
This recipe is inspired by Poilâne bakery. With this base cookie,
you can get creative with flavours, glazes, and edges.

Five Flavour

This is not a recipe.
This is the careful selection of five complementing
cookie doughs to connect into one log.
These cookies are fun to eat.
Each bite is a different flavour.


This shows the versatility of
My Perfect Cookie.
Make different cheese and savoury
biscuits and crackers.

Orange (Tang) Creamsicle

Peanut Butter

Chocolate Banana Walnut