Cookie dough does not push out as a log shape.
The dough is too sticky.  It is best to use shortbread or sugar cookie recipes or recipes we have developed and tested.  More recipes are being developed and will be posted.  Subscribe or check regularly for updates.

Cookie dough does not push through shaper tube.

  • Dough must be at room temperature when being filled in the shaper tube and when pushed out into the storage tube.  
  • Dough may have been packed too tight into shaper tube.  Or the dough is too loaded with fruits/nuts/chocolate.  Just fill half the shaper tube and push out into the storage tube.
  • Make sure to have clean hands and wipe the shaper tube free from butter to get a good grip.

Cookie dough log does not release from the storage tube after refrigeration.
Tap the side of the storage tube against the edge of the table or counter.  If that does not release the log, wait 15 minutes at room temperature and try again.  Failing that, use a knife to loosen the log.  Dough may be too sticky.