How to Perfect Cookie...

Step 1

Secure the cap on the shaper tube.  Put a small handful of freshly made cookie dough into the tube. Use the pusher stick to tamp or pack the dough firmly but not tightly.


Step 2

Continue to fill the tube, leaving 1" from the top. Squeeze the tube lightly as you fill the tube, to smooth the packed dough and to release air pockets.


Step 3

Remove the cap from the shaper tube. Insert this opened end into the storage tube, leaving 2" from the capped end of the storage tube.  This will give enough room to begin pushing the log into.  Using the pusher stick, push the dough log out of the shaper tube into the storage tube in one straight continuous push forward while pulling the shaper tube out towards you.  Do not pull the stick back.  Best to have clean hands at this step to have a good grip but don't grip the shaper tube too hard.

Step 4

Once the entire cookie dough log is pushed into the storage tube, and the shaper tube is pulled out, secure the second cap. Your dough log is ready to be chilled.


Step 5

After the cookie dough log has chilled, tap the side of the tube against the edge of a table. This will release the dough from the side of the tube.  Some doughs need to be left at room temperature for 15 minutes before tapping to release. Pull the log out and slice.




 Care & Use

Always start with freshly made cookie dough at room temperature.

Never chill or freeze the cookie dough in the shaper tube. The dough will harden and will be too hard to push out. The room temperature cookie dough must be pushed out in the form of a log into the storage tube, before being put in the refrigerator or freezer to chill.
Some doughs are too soft or sticky to be used in My Perfect Cookie. Best to follow the recommended Recipes.
My Perfect Cookie works best with sugar cookie and shortbread recipes.
Start by washing all the pieces.  Hand wash is recommended. 

Do not use abrasive cleaners or scour pads to clean. 
Do not put any parts in the microwave, oven, or on the stovetop.